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Derby - Pronounced ‘dar-by’, it is a term that describes a game that involves an intense local rivalry. There is the Merseyside Derby, the Manchester Derby, and a fair few London derbies ...

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All the football slang you need for a brilliant football evening or weekend in the UK. Football is a national obsession in Britain and it’s full of weird and wonderful phrases. Here are the most common football expressions explained to help you understand locals when watching a match in the UK.

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Disagreeing with the officials is constant in most sports across the world and simply shouting ‘ref’ in disbelief at a dubious decision is commonplace in football. What a screamer! Usually reserved for the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Hazard, a screamer (or worldie) is when someone scores a goal from a long distance that creates pandemonium in the stadium.

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Most commonly used terms, phrases and football related idioms in English for English learners and soccer fans. match: two teams playing against each other in a 90-minute game. pitch: the area of a field where footballers play a match.

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Football phrases: 101 slang terms, idioms and meanings explained. Ryan Kelly. ... The 'gaffer' is the head coach or manager of a football team. It is an informal British term for a boss, such as a ...

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Cover – supporting the player closing down an opponent (the second and third defenders who cover the first player to help win the ball) Crack – slang term often used in Spain for a soccer / football star; someone who has amazing talent, skills and potential in the game. Dead ball – a free kick.

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This is a list of common soccer lingo and jargon terms. #. 4-4-2 Formation 50-50 Ball 6-Yard Box 18-Yard Box. A. Academy Added Time Armband Assist. B. Back-Heel Kick Back-Pass Rule Bend Bicycle Kick Box-To-Box Box-To-Box Midfielder Brace. C. Cap Chest Trap Clear Corner Kick Curva. D. Direct Free Kick Diving Dribble Dribbling Drop Kick. E. Equaliser Extra Time. F. F.C. False Nine First Touch

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A slang term for the national sport—football. That’s the game you play with your feet, hence the name. Don’t say soccer to a British person. You might get a bollocking.

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British Slang & Common Expressions . Mate: friend, brother (the equivalent of South Africa’s “bru” and similar to the Americans’ “dude”) Bloke: man . Geezer: man . Cock up: screw up; something went wrong. Nob: someone of a high social status