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8-letter words that end in ing build ing train ing anyth ing offer ing learn ing think ing becom ing stand ing teach ing excit ing speak ing cover ing emerg ing handl ing break ing model ing print ing shipp ing assum ing paint ing light ing cloth ing strik ing swimm ing cross ing sterl ing float ing ...

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Rank(ing), Rarity, Rebound, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Recruit, Regional, Regular, Regulation(s), Rehabilitation, Relax, Replace, Representative, Reserve, Resilient, Resistance, Restriction, Risk, Role, Routine, Rush, Rusty

What are -ing words that describe basketball? - Answers

See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Inbounding, free-throwing, dribbling, fouling, running, travelling, substituting, coaching, diving, acting, faking, showboating, ballhogging, negotiating, boycotting...

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As with any sport, basketball has its own terms and phrases to describe game moves, plays, positions, and more. Knowing some basketball lingo will help you to enjoy the game more while you play or watch from courtside seats — or your sofa. alley-oop: A designed play in which a player lobs the ball toward […]

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Definition: (1) a press employed in basketball on both halves of the court (2) an all-out effort or offensive. “Hartford was held to two baskets and two fouls in the first half, both teams employing practically a full court press with a man-for-man defense.”. — The Hartford Courant [Hartford, CT] 15 January 1948.

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Basketball is played on a rectangular court 28 metres long and 15 metres wide (approx. 92 ft by 49 ft) with a basket at a height of 3.05 metres (10 ft) at each end. Most indoor courts have a floor made of wood. Points are scored by throwing the ball through the opponents' basket.

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List words ending with ING - full list. aahing 11. abandoning 19. abashing 16. abasing 13. abating 13. abbreviating 25. abdicating 20. abducing 19.

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What are some words that end in ing and describe leaves? Rustling, shimmering, dying, dancing, and lying. What are some words to describe love that end with ing?

What are verbs for basketball? - Answers

Some verbs that describe basketball include:ran, run, runningdribble, dribblingjump, jumped, jumpingstretched, stretchingdunk, dunked, dunkingThe basketball player ran, dribbled, jumped, stretched,...